Personal Financial Strategies


Investment Management*

By leveraging the capabilities of a number of the nation's top asset management firms^, Field Financial Strategies offers you a variety of investment programs and a number of options regarding how your investments are managed.

Over time, personal circumstances and economic conditions change. As a result, a dynamic asset management program that is appropriately calibrated to adjust as opportunities and risks emerge can add significant value. A wide range of approaches are available to appropriately manage and oversee your investments. Whether you choose separately managed stock and bond portfolios or decide to make use of an independent third-party wealth management program, the most appropriate strategy for you depends on your goals and particular situation.

Field Financial Strategies will work with you to determine the best investment approach to fit your preferences and objectives. We, then, monitor your strategy and adjust as circumstances and your needs change over time.

^Available through the Eagle Strategies Lifetime Wealth Platform

Retirement Planning and Wealth Management*

Retirement and wealth management planning may entail a focused discussion on savings and accumulation strategies, or be more expansive in order to appropriately address significant tax implications and wealth transfer considerations. To ensure that your goals are met, is it crucial that the plan you implement be appropriate to your risk tolerance, anticipated investment returns, and unique tax situation. Because no two retirement plans are alike, we work with you to formulate a tailored wealth accumulation and retirement strategy to accomplish your objectives in the best manner possible.

401(k), IRA and Roth IRA Rollovers

When retiring or changing jobs, a rollover should be strongly considered for your retirement plan assets. While you are able to leave assets in your former employer's plan, there are a number of advantages to rolling them over to an IRA. We will help you to understand the benefits and drawbacks of a rollover so that you are able evaluate your options in this regard and make the right decision for yourself and your retirement accounts.

Beginning 1/1/15, an IRA participant is allowed only one indirect rollover in any 12-month period across all IRAs that he or she owns. An indirect rollover is a participant-initiated distribution in which the participant receives the proceeds and subsequently rolls those proceeds into another (or the same) IRA within 60 days. Individuals can continue to make unlimited trustee-to-trustee transfers (transfers directly between IRAs) as well as unlimited conversions from traditional IRAs to Roth IRAs. Clients should consult their tax advisor prior to affecting a rollover.

Education Funding Planning

As college and post-secondary education costs continue to soar, planning ahead to fund anticipated expenses is crucial in order to ensure the best education possible for the next generation. Several savings strategies exist to address future education expenses. We will help you evaluate the benefits and parameters of the different options available to make sure you select the right course of action for you.

Estate Planning

Your values and your family's needs are the central considerations that make proper estate planning imperative. At its core, estate transfer planning seeks to implement strategies so that your wishes for your beneficiaries and your wealth are met exactly as you desire. Estate conservation, which may also be a critical element in your estate plan, focuses on minimizing estate tax liabilities to ensure a majority of your wealth is available to transfer to heirs, rather than be consumed by taxes. To fully design and implement an estate plan, we partner with your legal and tax professionals to make sure no "stones are left unturned."

Asset Protection

Strategies that shield your personal and business assets from liabilities and excessive taxation are essential to consider in order to protect the gains you have made throughout your life. We can assist you in evaluating strategies to ensure you are able to enjoy the lifestyle you desire, while also ensuring assets pass to your heirs as you choose.

Life Insurance

Life insurance policies are not "one size fits all."

Life insurance may help accomplish a number of your financial planning objectives, whether providing a safety net for your family, protecting ownership interests in a business succession plan, leveraging a gift to a favorite charity, or as a part of an estate plan minimizing estate taxes so that the majority of your assets pass to your heirs. In addition, permanent life insurance provides several living benefits that may add significant value to your financial plan in terms of liquidity, tax-deferred cash value accumulation, and financial security.

Certain types of policies are more appropriate than others for specific objectives. We will help you assess your goals and pair the proper type of coverage to match your need.

Disability and Long Term Care Insurance

During your working years, your ability to earn an income may be one of largest assets you possess. While working, your income will determine your lifestyle and your ability to meet your financial goals. Disability protection creates a backstop guarding against unexpected events by providing stability to your income you can count on.

During your retired years, your nest-egg enables you to enjoy a retirement of your choosing. Unexpected care needs can take a significant emotional toll on your loved ones as well as quickly decimate your hard-earned retirement savings.

Going through life may require a little help along the way. So if you're planning ahead, long-term care insurance may help protect you or a family member's future plans and help preserve the assets you've worked so hard to build.

Charitable Giving Strategies

A number of charitable giving strategies exist that not only support your favorite charities and non-profit organizations, but could also provide you with substantial tax deductions and immediate income streams. Properly implemented, these approaches not only reduce your income tax burden, but could also provide income that can be used as an element in your retirement plan. Field Financial Strategies will help you determine and implement the appropriate strategy maximizing the impact of a charitable gift on your personal and philanthropic goals.