Comprehensive Wealth Planning


Unbiased Guidance

By remaining a boutique financial practice, we at Field Financial Strategies are
best able to serve you diligently and proactively – and without bias.

Our access to a wide network of top-rated companies and investment experts enables us to craft solutions
without bias to toward one company or product to best fit your individual financial needs, objectives, and style.

Comprehensive Financial Planning*

Simplifying life as you accumulate, protect, and transition your wealth is best accomplished through a comprehensive approach to financial planning.

Comprehensive financial planning takes a look at your entire financial picture to make sure that a wide variety of aspects are coordinated to accomplish your desired outcome in the most efficient manner available. It is helpful to think of your financial plan as a blueprint for your goals and aspirations. To avoid unnecessarily wasting money and resources when constructing a new structure, a blueprint is created. Not only does this ensure the building fulfills its intended purpose, but also that structural integrity is achieved. Similarly, a financial plan is a financial blueprint that will direct you in the best course of action to achieve your goals while helping you avoid inefficiencies and pitfalls.

Different financial strategies are appropriate for different phases of your life. Moreover, the quality of benefit you derive from a financial plan also depends on your particular situation. Harmonizing the various facets of your situation and a financial plan will lead to a superior result and more predictable outcome for you.

There are no strings attached in a comprehensive financial planning arrangement. Strategies are designed and clearly laid out with no "sales pitch." You are free to implement your plan with the professionals of your choosing.

Financial Planning and Consulting Services

Occasionally, a focused and objective third-party review of your situation is what's needed rather than a comprehensive plan. For needs such as these, our financial planning and consulting services are available to address your needs. Some examples of scenarios in which consulting services are preferential to a comprehensive plan include: personal debt reduction counseling, a high-level review of a previously created financial plan to determine whether it still appropriately addresses your current situation, or a review of existing and proposed employee benefit programs without a "sales pitch" involved.