Employer Benefits Services


Executive Benefits Programs

Executive Benefit programs allow your business to attract, retain, and incentivize critical executive personnel in order to improve their motivation and determination to see your business succeed. Supplemental Executive Retirement Plans, non-qualified plans, split dollar plans, and deferred compensation programs are just some of the tools available that we can implement for your business.

Deferred Compensation Arrangements

Deferred Compensation is a useful tool to attract, retain, and incentivize key employees that a business needs to thrive. Under a deferred compensation agreement, an employee agrees to defer some compensation, while the business agrees to invest this income on the employee's behalf and, later, distributes it at an agreed-upon date in the future. Deferred compensation arrangements are commonly used to supplement employer sponsored retirement plans to provide additional incentives to motivate crucial employees and improve retention.

Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plans

Retirement programs are a central piece of any business benefits program and can be designed to accomplish a number of different objectives, including: improving employee retention, sharing profits in order to "give back" to those who have contributed to the success of your business, and encouraging workforce financial responsibility.

Field Financial Strategies has the resources and expertise necessary to help advise and assist in establishing a well-run retirement program.